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Don’t let anyone rush you with their timeline because not everything that is counted counts.


Pepper Them Gang


Hope my recent addiction to social media especially Instagram doesn’t get me into trouble. I stumbled  into a post I really loved this morning on Instagram, was about tapping on it when I noticed the harsh tag pepper them gang. I thought this slang was no longer in vogue, well that alone, turned me off

Few months back, I carried out a research to find out the meaning of the slang, only to discover it is linked to a Nigerian musician Olamide who is famous for creating street slangs.

Pepper them gang describes a state of success that goes beyond people’s expectation, the kind of success that makes people want to envy you. It is good to celebrate success but have you asked yourself why you really want to succeed?

Is it to be a source of inspiration to others, help the less privileged, fulfill destiny or to inflict pain on other people? Robbing your success, that is if truly you are succeeding on people’s faces with pictures and harsh tags like pepper them gang is annoying. Maybe that is why God is yet to bless you with your dream job , or that contract you’ve been hoping on because you will do nothing with it other than uploading pictures with harsh tags that makes you come off as one who is arrogant. As you read this post, ask yourself why you work hard to succeed, write down your reasons I’m sure that would give you some direction on how to use your social media accounts. Thanks for reading this. Please drop your comments I’m always willing to learn.

The Active Teacher

Comfort zones still remains a safe shitty place for me. Difficult roads they say often leads to beautiful destination and how challenging it is right now shows there will be light at the end of the tunnel.


what’s the life of a teacher without a student?

Tell me if you can. Trees, moving vehicles and sounds of birds when will you come to an end?

Rome wasn’t built in a day that’s why I feel very happy writing this. In case you haven’t met me, I would like to introduce myself.

I am an active teacher in an empty classroom with interactive displays that have wasted for some days now.

The Museum Of Archaic Vocabulary

I left work early today and decided to go to Gwags.  Gwags is an outsketch of Abuja about 45minutes drive from the city. The distance is much and can be a bit boring especially if there is nothing to crack your ribs.

Wuse was quite busy this evening with buyers and sellers at the car park, workers returning from work and drivers and conductors searching for passengers. How a particular driver caught everyones attention got me quaking with laughter. An averaged height man in his early 40s, dark in complexion, with a good sense of humor from what I saw. He kept shouting Gwags by air, Gwags by air. He was just funny like that.

I entered his taxi and sat beside a very tall lady. She was really tall, taller than I am. Her long legs like a bamboo prevented me from stretching mine so I had to bear with her. In less than 5minutes the taxi got filled with passengers and we left for gwags immediately.

The situation of things in the country has really gone bad and most people believe the present administration has no plan for Nigeria. A lot of arguements came up in the taxi, passengers were begining to attack each other verbally and from no where came the word balderdash. What a vocabulary I said to myself and smiled. The word reminded me of my favourite uncle “The Heavy Guy Man” as we fondly called him. So I  have decided to tell you a little about him.

The heavy guy man was an alcohol enthuasiast a probably damaged liver I guess. I still remember seeing bottles of Seaman and Calypso in his living room those times I visited, he called it “Oyibo Kai Kai”. Cooking was part of his hubby , whenever he was off from work his wife begged him to leave the kitchen, he would tease her and say “dont worry when I’m done you will know I cook better than you do”. He loved to speak with big outdated words just to make himself appear like one who is learned and well exposed. He used words like Cankrum, Diot, Cap a pie, Flabagasted, Balderdash, Betimes, etc and whenever you made him angry he didnt care if you were a male or a female he would call you a swain. As a child I was so proud to hear him speak and would say to my friends, thats my uncle. I got to high school and discovered the heavy guy man didn’t know the meaning of the words he used, he was just a museum of archaic vocabulary, always ready to show off , very juvial and fun to be with.

Sadly we lost him after a brief illness. I’m happy each time remember him because he lived and was just being himself…

Thanks for reading this. Please drop your comments and lets create a museum for archaic/old fashioned words.

Boredom Sometimes Brings Out The Best In You.

Mummy 20161109_211024It’s Sunday 25th June 2017, the weather seems friendly but going out is the last thing on my mind. My sister and her husband promised to visit, so my mum prepared this nice pot of jellof rice, made vegetable sauce with dry fish. I didn’t help out in the kitchen, my brother did and the meal was wow!

We waited for long, yet there was no sign of my sister and her husband..hmmm, doing justice to the pot of rice isn’t a difficult task I said to myself. To cut the long story short and not bore you, we got a call from my sister who was still at her office trying to put things in place meaning they would not be able to make it to gwags anymore.

I really wanted to see my nephew who has got this very infectious energy so I was a bit depressed. I became bored went into the room and layed on the bed with tooth pick in my hand trying to pull out particles of salah meat that got stuck between my teeth. Our neighbor Mama Alihu gave me the meat. They are nice people and her husband has a very funny appearance with a large opening in his teeth. Whenever he smiled it looked like an empty plot of land in a ghetto setting. I layed on my bed not knowing what to do so I picked up my phone went to WordPress and decided to create a blog. Now you see boredom can actually bring out the best in you.

I grew up not being the very expressive type which is something I regret. Though there are other means through which I express myself like drawing, writing etc. This blog might have been created out of boredom but I want to use it as a medium through which I can pour out my mind, express myself, my feelings, reach out to people who might need help and learn from you as well… Stella just said her mind, I’m sure you like that. Please drop your comments, I am always willing to learn.