Boredom Sometimes Brings Out The Best In You.

Mummy 20161109_211024It’s Sunday 25th June 2017, the weather seems friendly but going out is the last thing on my mind. My sister and her husband promised to visit, so my mum prepared this nice pot of jellof rice, made vegetable sauce with dry fish. I didn’t help out in the kitchen, my brother did and the meal was wow!

We waited for long, yet there was no sign of my sister and her husband..hmmm, doing justice to the pot of rice isn’t a difficult task I said to myself. To cut the long story short and not bore you, we got a call from my sister who was still at her office trying to put things in place meaning they would not be able to make it to gwags anymore.

I really wanted to see my nephew who has got this very infectious energy so I was a bit depressed. I became bored went into the room and layed on the bed with tooth pick in my hand trying to pull out particles of salah meat that got stuck between my teeth. Our neighbor Mama Alihu gave me the meat. They are nice people and her husband has a very funny appearance with a large opening in his teeth. Whenever he smiled it looked like an empty plot of land in a ghetto setting. I layed on my bed not knowing what to do so I picked up my phone went to WordPress and decided to create a blog. Now you see boredom can actually bring out the best in you.

I grew up not being the very expressive type which is something I regret. Though there are other means through which I express myself like drawing, writing etc. This blog might have been created out of boredom but I want to use it as a medium through which I can pour out my mind, express myself, my feelings, reach out to people who might need help and learn from you as well… Stella just said her mind, I’m sure you like that. Please drop your comments, I am always willing to learn.


Author: stellasmind

Socially awkward

4 thoughts on “Boredom Sometimes Brings Out The Best In You.”

  1. Well done Stella. Very well articulated with very good command of English. This is the case of something good coming out of not-so-good a situation. Please, write a novel.


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