Hey! guys its been few days after my first post so i’m dropping this here again.

I titled it TRY… Its about a major challenge i encountered a year ago. Hope you read with understanding and get the message i’m sending across.

Just after graduating from college getting a job was an important step i needed to take, so within a week i had submitted over ten resumes. Sounds like exaggeration? yes over ten because i was desperately in need of a job. My resumes kept going out and not a single call came in, maybe i was being followed from my village, guess what the next step was, prayer and fasting, i almost slept and woke up in church. Though all these helped but after a long period of frustration i complained to a friend who went through my papers and found out what the problem was.

My resume was really archaic. Feel free to call it the ancient of days resume. We did some finishing touches on it, used a better format and made it look more presentable. I gave them out, the calls started coming in and the options were much. Before then my school mate gave me a call asking if a could fill up a teaching vacancy at a british school here in Abuja. Having been trained as a teacher here in Nigeria i understood the Nigerian curriculum perfectly and needed something different so i said yes to her, went for the interview and in less than ten minutes i got the job. The pay was fair enough. As humans there are certain challenges we encounter and would want to give up.

The schools director moved me to work at the early years campus as a support teacher. My God! I thought of saying no to her. What does a biology teacher know about jolly phonics, blending, letter formations, bla bla bla. I wanted to quit but thank God i didn’t. In less than a year i have learnt alot at this job, improved my finance and myself as well. I actually have plans for the knowledge and experience i’m building at the job, i dont know how long i’m going to teach but someday on this blog i hope to tell you what i have done with the knowledge i’m building. I know its going to be awesome.

Remember its important to TRY before you quit. Drop your comments and feel free to share your experience. Love you always.


Author: stellasmind

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